Our commercial life, which started with our father Abdullah Bayram in 1983, has grown and increased over time. ABC Group International Consultancy Marketing and Trade, which was established in 2015 in order to contribute to the development of our country's economy by increasing the national and international competitive power of our companies in the globalizing world with our experience in the food, software and energy sector in Germany for many years, at the same time it has adopted a vision to progress abroad as a Turkish consultancy company.

With our international experience and our partners in many countries, it is the mission of our company to provide accurate and qualified consultancy services to companies that want to export and import, to determine the needs and to meet these needs by qualified manufacturers. Our company provides services to meet the international marketing needs, based on the necessity of finding qualified markets for qualified products produced by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Solar energy from Germany in the first job and a company specialized in energy efficiency and a company engaged in the production and R & D projects in the field of Netherlands from infrared technology Turkey has started to provide consultancy services on investing bringing food.

Existing SMEs, industrial companies and investors to produce products and services to the European market, investors in Europe, businessmen, business inventions, technology transfer, by combining patents and products to companies and businessmen in Turkey aims at providing mutual added value.

In this scope, areas that are needed are also served. In addition, ensuring that SME-scale companies have access to domestic and international grants, incentives and supports is one of our work areas.

We believe that you, our valued customers and business partners, will gain competitive advantage in international markets with our services tailored to your needs. Our company, which adopts customer satisfaction as the most basic principle, will be happy to serve you, valuable investors, entrepreneurs and companies ...

Being able to come together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, working together is a success.
- Henry Ford


For businesses aiming to export or want to increase their existing exports by carrying out more systematically;
• Conducting international market research,
• Identifying potential buyers and creating a potential buyer database,
• Consultancy on payment and delivery,
• Making the necessary organization in the fields of sales contract, invoicing, customs clearance, transportation, storage and fair transportation,
• Delivering the products you manufacture to the final importer,,
• Our fair services,
• Our translation services,
• Project management consultancy,
• Grant and support consultancy,
• Incentive consultancy,,
• International management consultancy,
• We offer services under the headings of international commercial mediation (brokerage) services.


in companies abroad, for goods and services to be exported to Turkey;
• Finding reliable suppliers domestically,
• Consultancy service to be provided regarding the payment and delivery method related to your import,
• Making the necessary organization in the fields of purchase contract, invoicing, customs clearance, transportation, storage, fair transportation,
• Ensuring the delivery of the products you purchase to you,
• Our fair services,,
• Our translation services,
• Project management consultancy,
• Grant and support consultancy,
• Incentive consultancy,
• International management consultancy,
• International commercial mediation (brokerage) services.